About Jasmine & Co.


Jasmine Adams-Monk, MBA

Hey There

I’m Jasmine! A dedicated wife and mother to two adorable girls!

I have always had a love for helping people, so I had to find a way to tap into this passion of mine.

I had been providing virtual support for over 5 years, but it wasn’t until I was a stay at home mom with my oldest daughter Zia, that I desired to utilize my strengths while bringing value to business owners. I never knew that the VA world existed, or even had a term, so I did my research and discovered it. I guess you could say the rest is history!

If you know me then you know that my why for pushing hard every day and grinding are my kids and my family. If you’re just getting to know me then you will hear me talk about my family all of the time.

I love the flexible hours and financial freedom as a business owner and I look forward to building my empire and starting other businesses in the near future. My key attributes are loyalty and reliability!

FUN FACTS about me are that I am also an outgoing daredevil in which I love to do things out of the norm. I would say, I am far from normal. Another fun fact about me is I am a competitive bowler. I have bowled since I was 5 and have loved the game since!


Jasmine & Co…

Founded in 2017, Jasmine & Co’s main objectives were to help business owners maximize their profitability and growth by taking the administrative and marketing tasks off their hands. I can proudly attest that we have achieved that for many businesses.  I put my Bachelor’s in Business Management and my Master’s in Business Administration to good use not only by applying business principles to my organization, but to also stay innovative and stay on top of the latest developments and trends that can catapult businesses to the next level.

My team and I are dedicated in elevating your brand by helping with General Administration, Marketing, Tech & System Set-up.

We help businesses everyday turn their dreams into plans, and then create actionable steps so that those dreams become goals, and we help to reach that goal.

You didn't start a business so that you could spend all of your time doing admin work that isn’t generating any revenue, so why are you doing them? Entrepreneurs wear 50 hats but little do they know, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Think of us as your productivity tool. We take the Administrative/Marketing/Tech tasks off your hands which in return helps you grow your business.

I know it can be hard to let go of parts of your business but letting go of the smaller tasks is how you will grow & scale your company.


We are a 1 stop shop and can do it all. Let us be a strategic resource for you and your business!