In life, it’s much better to be “well connected” than not well connected!  As much as we hate depending on other people, sometimes it’s in our best interest to swallow our pride and do so for “the Opportunity”. What is “the Opportunity”?

The “Opportunity” is knowledge, wisdom, advice, or information that someone else shares with you.

It can be a recommendation of a playground to take your kids to or it could be an available position for a job. Either way, someone is always watching, observing, and looking at you, so be conscious of how you carry yourself.

There are two topics that will be discussed in this blog article and each one comes from personal experience in my own life.

Not in a creepy way, but this is so true! Let me tell you – Positivity, Respect, and Manners go a lonnnggggggg way. When that dream job is open and you’ve got your eye on it, I’m sure nothing else matters but getting in there for an interview to secure the gold!

Of course, it’s even better if you know someone personally that you can add as a referral on your job application or a friend of a friend who works there that will put in a good word for you.

As you’re reading this, I’m sure you get my drift when I say that you’re being watched even when you don’t think you are. Everything that you do as a person is a reflection of YOU and will always be a reflection of you. Why would your friend put in a good word for someone who doesn’t conduct themselves with respect and who isn’t polite? Their name is on the line!

Everything that you do as a person is a reflection of YOU and will always be a reflection of you.

Create your own network

Having that, “I don’t need anyone” mindset, won’t get you very far in life. It may get you down the road, but it definitely won’t take you to the finish line.

We all need someone personally and/or professionally. It’s best to start building relationships as early as you can! This can even stem from Middle School to High School to College and into the start of your Career.

I’m not telling you to add any and everyone on Facebook or to go to every networking event to create your network. I am simply saying to start within and build relationships that are already in your inner circle. Family and friends are a good place to start when building your connection base. And they should be the easiest to start with because these are people that you already know!

Reach out, say hello, and make small talk!  When a holiday rolls around, just give them a shout. DON’T JUST REACH OUT TO PEOPLE WHEN YOU NEED OR WANT SOMETHING. People notice and don’t like it. I personally hate it when people ask for favors and we haven’t talked in years – it makes me more inclined to be disengaged or to not help if they’re asking for it. Social media presence is great, and networking events are even better! It’s all about WHO YOU KNOW.

For me personally, my network expands pretty far, but it has also taken me many years to build. Growing up I was also told, “You never know who is watching you”. I never understood what that meant until now and I have gotten many opportunities from networking, being true to myself, and carrying myself as a well-respected, professional, and polite person.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being yourself. BUT keep in mind that your image is important! I am not sitting here telling you to be a suck-up or someone you’re not. I’m just saying that you never know when “the Opportunity” will come or what relationship will get you there!