Outsourcing before the holidays


Outsourcing before the Holidays

and how it will make an impact on your business!

It’s beginning to look a lot like...Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and of course, Christmas. Believe it or not, we are already at the start of the major holiday season in the US. A trip down any Walgreen’s aisle confirms this, too. One minute school supplies are being replaced by candy corn and plastic pumpkins, then the next minute those shelves are cleared to make way for stocking stuffers and December decor. My has time flown by…

And if you add on the tasks included in running a business during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, you’re probably calling is a stressful time. We understand how your to-do list grows faster than a list for Santa and how a holly-jolly season is turning into a blizzard of dispair. Chances are that St. Nick might not have an elf at the North Pole at your disposal, either. Good news, we have a quite a few (well, outsourced help...not actual elves!), and we don’t even have to slide down your chimney to deliver ‘em! 

Outsourcing luring a growing number of small business owners who need help all year long, let along during the holiday season. After all, they have lives outside of their offices. Many of them are Santa helpers and believe family comes before everything. We agree. That is why outsourcing before the holidays is a must. By trusting the team at Jasmine & Co, outsourcing will make an impact on your business. A merry one indeed. Here’s how:


Save time by delegating holiday greetings
By outsourcing your email list and letting us share your holiday wishes with your customers, you won’t with a little-drummer-boy-beat. Let us create a sequence of emails based on your preferences. Does your list celebrate all of the holidays? Do they refer to the Halloween weekend as Fall Festival? Let us know and we will create the most appropriate content to send to those who support your business. 

Get the gift of website maintenance
You can certainly rely on us for peace on Earth, virtually speaking. We have the tools needed to get your business up and running before Cyber Monday. With ‘round-the-clock support and a host of tech-savvy assistants at our disposal, we will keep your business flowing through the holiday season, so, sleep in heavenly peace. 

Send messages of New Year hope with webinars
If you like, let your customers know how much you appreciate their business and anticipate serving them in the coming year. Do this by having us create a snail-mail mailing list to send direct mail! Yes, direct mail still works! Imagine your loyal followers expecting the post-holiday bills to arrive in their mailboxes become pleasantly surprised with a note of thanks from you? Their hearts will keep them warmer than a yule log ever could.

For most of 2019, opt to go full-on outsource when deciding what needs to be done to keep your business prospering well through the New Year. The more outsourcing we can assist with, the merrier your business will be. Contact us today (link) to get the snowball rolling!