How Outsourcing Can Lead To Success in Business

Outsourcing is a great way to offload tasks that either you don’t have time to do or that you absolutely hate doing.

Perhaps, there are also tasks that you aren’t proficient in and can hire on a specialist to take on more advanced services.  Either way, your time can be freed up instantly by bringing on a team to help. Some people look at outsourcing as EXPENSIVE. Let me tell you, it is an INVESTMENT. It’s an investment that can be the bridge between your business growing $25K or losing $25K. Only you can make that decision. We want to share 3 ways outsourcing can lead to your companies success.


Reduced overhead costs

Small Business Owners are often looking for ways to save money, but still run their business at the same time. Outsourcing will allow you to still run your business while being economical as well. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about benefits, insurances, or anything that a W-2 employee would include. They are considered a 1099 independent contractor and there are no other costs associated with them except for paying them for their work. With a W-2 hired employee, you have to train them, buy supplies, and often time, they are only there collecting a check.  These type of employees also don’t have the investment into your business’ success as much as an independent contractor, since they are business owners as well.


Increased efficiency and productivity

What business owner doesn’t want to be more efficient and doesn’t want to be more productive. Most strive to do this, but struggle either because they are wearing 50 hats and don’t have a team to help, or because they can’t afford to bring on an employee to help. But there’s HOPE! Contracting tasks out will not only help you take care of those small administrative tasks that take up too much of your time, but in return they will also help you become more productive and efficient. Believe it or not, when you bring on a team member, it makes you focus on processes and systems even more than before, because you have to train this new contractor.  That new contractor will need access to certain systems and will need to know the processes to do their job. Betcha never thought about it that way, huh?


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, build a team!!!”

Focus on company vision/goals

As a business owner, you should be focusing on being the face of your business, collaborating, networking with future partners, envisioning the plan for the future and what steps are needed to get there. This is called Creative Space. If you are engulfed in client work, how can you focus on these things? YOU CAN’T! Or You won’t have time. It happens often. As a leader in your business, you are guiding and leading the pack which means it’s in your best interest not to be bogged down with paperwork all day. Outsourcing can help eliminate all of that. Be the true business owner you were meant to be and don’t try to do it all yourself!

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