Jasmine & Co Giveaway

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It’s February and most small business owners are still ticking off the checklist on meeting those first-quarter goals.

As we head in March 2019, I am gifting three things to help you reach the next level in your business. These are incredible offers that you won’t see anywhere else. So in advance, you’re welcome. Let’s break this down and see how you can get win these gifts.

First up on the generosity that overflows here at Jasmine & Co, we have our mini-course for “Hiring a Virtual Assistant” for the busy entrepreneur that needs to outsource.

Profitability and maximum growth potential to meet your financial goals. Let me tell you, that there are numerous avenues that you can take to grow your business, but why put yourself through more stress and hustle? Hiring a virtual assistant for your business can be the difference between growing or folding. I can’t tell you how many questions I receive in a day about how to hire someone to take over the tasks that you don’t have time for, so you can make money and rekindle that spark in your business. Taking our 5 lesson mini-course will break down the wall of confusion about the world of Virtual Assistance and will cover a multitude of topics from How to find a VA to How to assign tasks to them and everything in between. You don’t want to miss your chance to get this as my gift to you as a one-stop shop to answering your questions.

Behind Door Number Two of my Hallmark Holiday Giveaway is a 90-minute strategy call customized just for you.

Do you have an idea of what your next steps should be in your small business? Are you constantly distracted by shiny object syndrome? Okay, maybe you are busy trying to do “all of the things” that you are actually doing”none of the things”? No matter what your level is as an entrepreneur, I can help you re-focus your goals and plan out a strategy to kickstart your master plan. Even the +most driven and ambitious business owner needs to collaborate with a business strategist to help them implement the next big thing. If this sounds like the gift you’ve been dreaming of then call me, maybe?


Next and final stop on Jasmine and Co Loves to Give Valuable Things Away for Free Journey is the ebook “Facts and Snacks Resource Guide”.

This resources guide can be used as a companion to the mini-course and has nuggets of juicy content taken from Jasmine’s Facts and Snacks weekly Facebook Live Show. In this guide, we breakdown and answer questions regarding topics such as Virtual Assistance and tips and tricks for any small business owner. This ebook is your handbook to becoming a more informed entrepreneur, so you can bump it up a notch and really take control of your business. You can buy the resource guide on the Jasmine and Co website OR because I can’t help myself, you can get this as a freebie.

I know that it seems crazy that I am handing over so many valuable secrets, but I want to be able to gift this to one lucky reader. I know, now you’ve sat up a little straighter in your chair, am I right? Well, my friend, I want you to send me an email telling me why you need these things in your business. Pour your heart out and share with me your struggles, because, trust me, we have all been there. Send an email to learn@jasmineandco.org and I will be choosing a winner soon. In the meantime, head over to the blog and check out some articles that have massive juicy content about tips and tricks that you can implement in your business. Come and hang out with us on Facebook. Good Luck!