Everything is Figureoutable


Everything is Figureoutable

Your ultimate mantra for business and life.

by Christina Gabriel-Viloria


Prior to even watching Marie Forleo’s inspirational videos about this mantra, which she got from her amazing mom, I knew MacGyver already lived and breathed the words ‘everything is figureoutable’.

That show was such an 80’s hit. Mac’s ability for adaptation, persistence and the improvisational nature of his tactics qualifies him to be the poster boy for this mantra.

As with every series, he always figures things out making him difficult to thwart. The term “MacGyverism” was even coined by Wikipedia referring to an “ingeniously improvised solution” to a situation or problem.

I clearly remember back then that I wanted to be just like him - driving a vintage 1946 yellow and brown two-tone Chevy truck and figuring things out in my life at age 8.

Learning about Marie Forleo’s favorite business mantra a few years ago made me recall how I felt watching Mac’s series and I immediately reflected on how that perspective of mine has easily changed over the years. As I grew older, I was faced with more difficult challenges in life - self-limiting beliefs piling up one on top of the other that made me question my ability, to a point of even asking myself that daunting question of, ‘how do I even figure things out?’


Fast-forward to this day when I’m excited to share this with you (since Marie launches her book in September) so you can have the same realization I had a few years back – that everything is figureoutable. Marie Forleo has inspired me to be a life coach and a driven entrepreneur.

Her words resonate with me and her story is just as extraordinary as she is. Apart from being the only person in her family who was able to finish college and become the success that she is now, her mission to mentor this generation to win in life is beyond moving.


Oprah has named her the thought leader for the next generation and is truly adored by the leaders we all admire as well. This mantra she shared is my absolute favorite takeaway from all the things I’ve learned from her as it empowers me to pursue what I love doing with that attitudinal discipline in mind.

Everything is figureoutable in business

Start where you are. By intentionally identifying your ‘why’, it’ll bring forth that courage deep in your heart to make that vision happen for you. Simon Sinek was clear that we can dream big, start small – but most importantly, we need to start somewhere.

As soon as you’ve started, knowing that you can always figure out a solution to any problem makes you relentless and difficult to thwart. Just like in Math, there are so many different solutions you can do around that one problem to arrive at the same answer.

When I’ve learned in business is that having the right mindset that acknowledges this attitudinal discipline will always put things into perspective. Business requires discipline, training, hard work, relevance and the backbone to accept the risks and the fact that it can always go both ways.


I’m always reminded by Rockefeller that the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were, and that holds true for the mantra that everything is figureoutable in business.

In such cases that you feel that you can’t figure things out on your own, like how the finale of Endgame happened the way it did - this mantra will still shed some light by helping you figure out an ingenious way to hire the best person or team who can figure things out for you. 😊 Problem solved.

Everything is figureoutable in life

Life may not be as complicated as we know or experienced it, if we live by this attitudinal discipline. Marie Forleo’s story about their crazy airport incident as they were headed to Barcelona says it all. During that time when her marriage was on the rocks, she and her husband realized the truth about their relationship that everything is figureoutable if they worked together towards manifesting that love they had for each other. We all can probably relate with all the crazy things happening in our lives.

As a life coach, I’ve engaged with different clients and I let them identify themselves as one of these three types of people I’ve learned from Tai Lopez. Are they the type of person who watches what’s happening, the type of person who makes things happen, or the type of person who wonders what happened? Answers I’ve received from this question had been quite interesting. Who do you identify with? Are you satisfied with your answer?


To win in life, you need to be the person who makes things happen. It’s good to be observant in life and to wonder about what happened, but those will only take you so far. If you are making things happen for you, then it means you are figuring things out, and that is always a good thing in my book.

Say you want to figure out how to be successful, how do you make it happen? As soon as you’ve identified what success means to you, you can start working towards actualizing your life goals with that end in mind. For sure, there will be stumbles along the way and realizing that it’s part of life will make it easier for you to deal.

Adapting the right mindset that enables you to figure things out as they come along will be your greatest weapon against self -limiting beliefs. To me, that truly makes one successful in life. True success is figuring out your life the best way you know how.

Live out this mantra too. 😊 You’ll be amazed as to how it can change you.

Stay inspired,


Guest Blogger’s Profile: Christina Gabriel-Viloria


Christina’s life mission is to inspire people into action, empowering them to actualize their life goals and choose to live their best life. Driven by her passion to work with people, relationships are what she values most. Graduating with a degree in Psychology, her focus lies on the human mind and understanding human behaviors, emotions and attitudes.

Christina brings over a decade of invaluable experience working in both the academe and IT-BPO industry. She now ventured into entrepreneurship and co-founded Aptum Virtual Solutions, a company whose vision is to shape the perception of the Philippine brand of outsourcing, allowing true Filipino talent to shine as they continuously provide sustainable opportunities in the community.

As an internationally certified life coach, she also engages in coaching sessions and speaking engagements specific to holistic wellness, mental health awareness, power of habits and cultivating mental resilience. She’s an absolute sucker for long walks in the beach, beautiful sunsets, less than 3-hour movies, delicious vegan recipes and meaningful conversations.