By Christina Gabriel-Viloria

Yes, you’ve read it right – in 30 days, you will be smashing the world with your new found success.

Let’s delve into how you can go about this endeavor in the most interesting, creative fashion.

Before you scroll down and read through the secrets that are about to unfold, let me ask you,

“If you had to define success in one sentence, how would yours be defined?” Think about this for a couple of minutes before reading further.


Most people associate success with someone who has a sphere of influence over decisions and people, or someone who has reached a certain societal status built for the gods, or someone with just an abundance of wealth that could possibly buy part and parcel of their own happiness. With the stories my clients have shared during our life coaching sessions, I’ve recognized the fact that every single one of us has our own version of success and it is a valid claim to the meaning entirely. Regardless of how each of them defined it, we’ve established that success will not cultivate from a mindset that clearly does not support it.


Let me share with you some valuable mentoring insights from Earl Nightingale who has established himself as a success in the subjects of human character development, motivation, excellence and most importantly, meaningful existence. Even one of my favorite YouTubers, Sadia, cannot recommend him highly enough. His knowledge and pursuit of his own version of success years ago still has that much of an impact on how I’m empowered to live life on my own terms by pursuing a worthy ideal of my own choosing.

Defining Success

Earl defined success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Essentially, you are successful at every step you take in pursuit of that worthy end goal you intentionally determined you would achieve. What is that worthy goal for you? As soon as you write it down on paper or visualize it through a vision board, you are already successful at that first step. You have a claim for that goal and winning your mornings would mean waking up every morning with that specific goal in mind. As a next step, you must perform an action every single day to work closer toward achieving it.



Two years ago, having spent almost half of my life taking medication treating different illnesses, I’ve decided to shift my lifestyle and adapt a plant-based diet. My worthy goal was to be healthy enough so I can spend the energy, time and money with my family instead of spending it on medication and crazy hospital bills. Through research, I’ve worked towards learning how this could be a possibility through more intentional, healthier choices. I can say that this is what success looks like for me because I am at my healthiest state to date. The success was not limited to my physical health but trickled down to my emotional and mental state. There came a point when stress had such an overwhelming capacity that it took over my thoughts and my life. Through meditation practices and self-care, I’ve also shifted my perspective and realized the significance of having healthier thoughts and healthier emotional reactions to circumstances impacting my overall health.


Adapting this concept enables you to see how success in one area of your life trickles down to all other areas, as success is contagious and can be achieved in all aspects of your life – relationships, business, career, personal development, health and finances.

Success Mindset

Our mind remains to be one of the untapped, interesting things we have yet to fully discover. Earl has shared an analogy that our minds resemble fertile soil. We can plant any kind of seed we desire, nurture it and help it grow. Say you plant a seed that yields a beautiful flower or a deadly, poisonous one, whichever you feed, tend to, and nurture will eventually grow. If we continue to feed our mind with negative thoughts, it will grow to be a deadly, poisonous influence affecting our lives. On the other hand, feeding it with positive thoughts yields a beautiful, positive outcome. Thinking positively and being resilient is a powerful mindset designed for success.  


Earl very much believed that the key to success is realizing that you become what you think about. I could not agree with this more. I have experienced this first-hand when I much younger and I’ve always thought of myself as unworthy of any love or success because of my past experiences. I thought of myself as a failure, and I believe that during that time, I became just that. This is when I’ve come to terms that success does not cultivate in a mind that does not support it.


I’m fortunate to have met a lot of successful people, and one thing was clear to me. They’ve always thought about themselves achieving the goals they’ve set, surpassing standards they’ve set for themselves, and claiming success before it even manifests before them. This formula is true for all, and they all emerged victorious.



With my end goal of implementing a healthier lifestyle, I had to be it before I can have it. I had to be someone who was healthy. What kind of mindset and choices will a healthy person make? I felt that purging was not ideal because it’ll only restrict my choices and allow me to regress to my negative state. What I did was to shift my intention by adding more to my life – more healthy choices, more intentional effort on improving my relationships with the people around me, more positive thoughts to feed my mind with, more compassion as I learn about how a plant-based lifestyle contributes to the healing of the environment, more joy that I can share with others. And with that powerful success mindset, I can say that it’s good progress and a win at being holistically healthy altogether.


The same holds true when you decide to become a successful entrepreneur. You are your brand and values. What powerful mindset and intentional choices will you make as you work towards this worthy end goal?

Success Habits

In one of Darren Hardy’s book entitled The Compound Effect, he focuses on the power of small, consistent steps making an overwhelming difference in someone’s life. This difference can always go both ways, positive or negative. The best way to build in a new behavior is to tie it to an existing habit. I clearly remember learning about John Maxwell, and he said something that stuck by me, “you’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily”.



Since then, I’ve created habits around my life goals. I set the intention when I start my day. With my goal of having a healthier lifestyle, I continue to meditate for a healthier mental state, purchase healthier alternatives, learn new ways that empower me to be healthier, indulge in more physical activity that I love and enjoy, and let go of things, people or emotions that no longer serve that purpose in my life. I’d like to think that I was successful every step of the way when I shifted from my old ways, unlearned things and was just open to the possibility of success.


Success is a choice I make every day. Take to heart that you make choices, then choices make you. Jim Rohn said that success is a science, and anyone can apply the methods in their life. What I’ve learned is that success is not a limited resource. There’s definitely enough to go around and I believe that everyone can be successful.

I challenge you to intentionally think about a worthy end goal you’d like to achieve within the next 30 days. Start with something simple, work towards a mindset that believes success is already within your reach and create habits around your goal with true intention. Take purposeful action to support your goal and behave in a manner that you are already successful, and it’ll happen.


There’s no way it won’t.

Can’t wait for you to smash the world with your success!


Stay inspired,


Guest Blogger’s Profile


Christina Gabriel-Viloria’s life mission is to inspire people into action, empowering them to actualize their life goals and choose to live their best life. Driven by her passion to work with people, relationships are what she values most. Graduating with a degree in Psychology, her focus lies on the human mind and understanding human behaviors, emotions and attitudes.


Christina brings over a decade of invaluable experience working in both the academe and IT-BPO industry. She now ventured into entrepreneurship and co-founded Aptum Virtual Solutions, a company whose vision is to shape the perception of the Philippine brand of outsourcing, allowing true Filipino talent to shine as they continuously provide sustainable opportunities in the community. As an internationally certified life coach, she also engages in coaching sessions and speaking engagements specific to holistic wellness, mental health awareness, power of habits and cultivating mental resilience. She’s an absolute sucker for long walks in the beach, beautiful sunsets, less than 3-hour movies, delicious vegan recipes and meaningful conversations.