Is it worth it?


Is Outsourcing Worth It?

Is outsourcing even worth it for small business owners?  
If this were a diary, instead of a blog, I’d start this article with the legendary, “dear diary”. Because back in the day, I wrote in a diary to express whatever was going on in school, the neighborhood, and anywhere else that my tween travels would lead me. -- I am a Preacher’s Kid. Today though, I’d “ask” my dear diary for advice on how to manage outsourcing teams. Many people still don’t see the benefit and wonder if it makes sense for their business. Outsourcing is not going anywhere, so why not get on board? You can save money and give yourself the go-ahead to focus on what you really love about your business. 

Even if you love baking, you may still want to make sure the right copy is being printed on your ads. I completely understand. But outsourcing this task -- plus a brief conversation about expectations -- will make your life so much sweeter (get it, baking...sweeter!) and helps to free up your time so that you can frost more cupcakes and type fewer words. Read on to see if outsourcing is worth it for when it comes to other mundane jobs:

The turnaround time is slower.
Let me be honest here: an effective outsourcing strategy takes time, but if you are hoping to grow in business it is a must that you create a strategy. Doing so will help you find any gaps in productivity so that you can outsource the right jobs right away. For example, if you find that you are spending lots of time on sales tracking but not enough time on executing ongoing ad campaigns, you should consider outsourcing an ads manager. 

There is a lack of company knowledge. 
Obviously, those new to your company would need to review your company's existing processes, just like all new hires do. This is an easy fix: hold a meeting on Zoom or Skype. Thirty minutes set aside to explain your expectations and overall office culture can do wonders for you and your team. (Bonus points for hosting a retreat for team bonding. You’d be surprised at how much you could learn while walking fiery coals! I’m just saying…)

There are language/cultural barriers.
Another easy fix here: invest. Instead of going the el-cheapo route to hire foreign workers -- who would cost your company more money in the long run, due in part to the burden of having to redo work and wasting productivity time to explain things for the umpteenth time! -- hire those who speak your native language. If you are in the US or Canada, there are plenty of options for you (start here) waiting to literally talk the talk as they walk the walk. 

We here at Jasmine & Co. obviously will tell you vehemently yes, outsourcing is so worth it. But we understand some people are still in the dark when it comes to it. There are those who believe if they ‘set it and forget it’, they can leave outsourced helper to their own devices and hope for the best. This is not always the case! The truth is unless an effort is made to plan, make adjustments and meet your outsourced team on a regular basis, your projects are likely to be completed unsuccessfully.