Are you even ready?


Are you even ready to start outsourcing?

Are you even ready to take the leap into outsourcing? 
Let’s say you are in the midst of deciding to outsource or not to outsource. Chances are you are debating this in your mind, while buried under a mounting pound of tasks, while watching your inbox grow full, or while your children beg of you to be more present. Listen carefully to what your business needs. To know if you are even ready to take the leap into outsourcing, you need to be willing to take a hard look at where you are, professionally and personally. 

For me, the kids summoning me to take them to a theme park before it closes for the season is enough for me to get ready to outsource most, if not all, of my mundane tasks to someone who is ready and willing. And I get it: outsourcing could mean taking on a new family of sorts, where you have to be present to make sure the ‘house’ -- your place of business -- runs smoothly. But I also understand the kiddies, some of which are heading out the proverbial door into the real world. They want, no, they need your time and attention, and they need it now. They need it for the simple reason you need to outsource, because time waits for no one; not for growing children and certainly not for clients who are growing anxious about meeting deadlines you’d promise to adhere to. 

If this scenario isn’t enough for you to take the leap into outsourcing, I don’t know what is. In case you’re still unsure of how ready you truly are, keep reading for clues: 

You know what you can do in your business.
Let’s rephrase that last line; you know what you’d want to do in your business. If you’re a stylist, you’ll want to keep on styling your clients. I’m not so sure if returning phone calls from everyone -- from your cousin who just showed up into your city in hopes of working for you, to a salesperson who is reaching out in hopes of getting you to invest in something you probably don’t need -- is on your wish list. Outsource a virtual assistant to respond to email and return calls via Google Voice. Done. 

You know how to choose the right people for tasks.
Unless said cousin is an accountant, you probably shouldn’t outsource your financial duties to her. Don’t give her the task of writing anything either, if she misuses to, too and two. If she doesn’t know the difference between CSM and CPM, keep her away from your WordPress platform! When you understand the importance of selecting the right people for your tasks, you will be ready to fall into outsourcing, before the start of autumn. See what I did there? 

You know how to express your expectations.


Let’s revisit the children. They’re coming for you for an allowance increase, again. Because of this, you’ve taught yourself how to give them the right chores for their ages and mental capacity. A five-year-old can pick up her toys, while a 15-year-old can do just about everything else around the house. You talk to each child in a way they understand in order to get what you need. Can you talk to a virtual team in a similar way? If you’re able to express your expectations to others, congratulations! You are ready to outsource.

Outsourcing works for anyone who needs to get more done, but until you know for sure if it’s time to outsource, the pile of work will continue to grow while your patience begins to shrink.  Reach out to Jasmine & Co. to begin outsourcing in your business today.