Why it may be time for you to outsource (and do what you do best!)


Why it may be time for you to outsource (and do what you do best!)

I cannot remember the first time I've needed assistance in my business, but I do remember the first time I knew I needed help, but swore I could get by with DIY. It was a stressful day, with client tasks to complete, family to tend to, and everything that seemed to have a deadline fell on that one day. Never again; there is no way I can run a successful company without delegating tasks to those who are experienced and willing to work. My family, my life will suffer no more.

This is probably happening to you, right? You are swamped, but because you are either trying to save money or don’t feel comfortable giving work tied to your business to anyone else,  you are about to tackle it all on your own.

Stop it. Now is the time to outsource your tasks so that you can do what you do best.

What exactly do you do best? My guess is your best work is the thing that you love the most. For example, if you’re a private chef, you cook. You don’t write copy. You don’t update social media pages. You cook. Period. Your customers love you for your tapas, and not (necessarily) for your Tweets. Why aren’t you giving the people what they want already? They are hungry. If you’re craving more time, then you need to learn why it may be time to outsource those not-on-the-menu tasks once and for all:

Because you don’t have time to do what you do best

You have an unspeakable amount of things to do, inside and outside of your business. You might be a doting spouse or parent, or both. Perhaps you have commitments at work (before you make your exit and become a full-time entrepreneur!) But what about church and other social organizations you’re attached to? Nobody likes anyone who bails due to being “too busy”. Get help in the form of outsourced professionals.

Because you want to grow your business


No time to tackle everything within your business means no room to grow it. Just like your flower garden, if you don’t make time -- or have the resources -- to make your yard blossom, it’s not going to happen. Many of the best gardeners spend countless hours on choosing the right fertilizer and monitoring soil quality. Oftentimes, these garden pros have help with the things surrounding the core of their garden, like making Home Depot runs or updating social media pages. These pros go on to HGTV as they create floral empires!

Because you want to reduce and control operating costs

Saving money is just as important as saving time, especially as a new business owner. You’re probably wondering, however, how could paying outsourced help save money? If you hire people who are highly skilled in their job, you save money and time as your chances of having to spend more in redoing and fixing improve. I know of a property management company that has lost tens of thousands of dollars in owed rent and other fees because he waited too long to hire someone to focus on spreadsheets, sending out late notices and make phone calls to tenants to reach an agreement to recoup back-rent payments.

It is time to outsource some of your tasks already. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all, and do it all successfully. Let us help you choose the right solutions for you so that you can focus on what you do best in your business.