The Importance of Letting Others Figure it out


The Importance of Letting Others Figure it out

One spring morning -- after happily accepting an invitation to speak at a women’s empowerment function -- I found myself overwhelmed, suddenly. My to-do lists looked like bad jokes. And I wasn’t laughing. In fact, I wanted to cry at the thought of having to prepare myself to speak, care for the family and fulfill the requests of my paying clients. For the most part, I wanted to give up on it all because there was no way I could figure it all out on my own.

Then it hit me: I didn’t have to figure it all out on my own. That’s what outsourcing is for!


There are countless IT experts, Facebook Ad pros, writers and other highly-skilled folks out here waiting and willing for the chance to figure it out on my behalf. Chances are, they already had it all figured out in their respective fields of work before I’d ever connected with them. Wow, I should have reached out to them months ago!

For the next several months my new team of contractors became honorary “friends”. They became available for me when I needed them the most. They listen to my rants and give the best advice on how to handle specific tasks in the company. My team is in fact a circle of friends, indeed. And before I have to sit down, pray for strength and retreat to an escape room from the family for a few hours, my team...I mean my friends... have things within my company already under control. Read on to understand the importance of letting others figure it out:

Are you resentful of others doing “big things”?

Nine times out of ten, that successful person who looks like she’s doing the same things you are doing in your business has a team figuring out the details and knocking out the to-do lists. She has the help, which means while you are running around like a chicken (or hen) with your head cut off in a rush to get things done before Labor Day, she is heading to the beach with her family. If this isn’t enough to make you get some outsourced assistance, I don’t know what is.

Are you seemingly falling short?

Let’s say you’re about to miss a deadline for an application -- for a conference, a fellowship, a grant. How in the world do you explain missing out on these opportunities? One word: swamped. Well, more words: you are swamped with semantics and minor details better left to virtual assistants and volunteers. There are people designed to figure it all out for you, so you can figure out what to include in said applications. By the way, good luck. and congratulations in advance!

Are you being accused of dropping the ball?


Losing. It happens to the best of us. Every world-famous entertainer and athlete talks about how they’ve dropped the ball, or failed beyond repair. And while failure could put you in good company, it still has the ability to lead to negative outcomes. If you don’t deliver the goods, you are at risk of losing customers and social media followers. Bad news travels fast, too. If you are not turning in work on time, if you are falling short of a goal, if you are not returning calls within 24 hours, you need to get others to figure it all out. Project managers and phone/text messaging services are the solution when it comes to building a winning team.

Don’t try to figure it all out. Instead, figure out how which tasks could use the extra hands of an outsourced helper. You’ve been set up all these years to believe that you should do it all in your own business. It’s time to break the cycle.