How to Create Content for Social Media

In the new age of technology, social media is a way for an entrepreneur to get their name out there, and promote a new business. Gone are the days of going door to door while keeping your fingers crossed that someone will be home to listen to your pitch. There are some that think methods like this can still be beneficial, but why not let technology help you out. There are numerous social media platforms to choose from to help grow your brand, so here are a few tips to break down how to use them to your benefit.


Social media platforms seem to pop up overnight. The cold harsh reality is that every time that something new is dropped, we as entrepreneurs have to figure out how it works, and we need to learn. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes struggle with creating content that will appeal to my audience and drive traffic and sales to my sites. Content creation is the foundation for all postings when promoting your site through social media. When I first started out in social media management, it seemed like a simple idea. I wanted to get up in the morning and sit down in front of the computer with my first cup of coffee and pump out fantastic content on social media within minutes. Unfortunately, this approach can become overwhelming when you do not have a game plan or strategy to start.


When you take time to plan your social media, then it will seem purposeful and valuable to your audience. The first step in creating meaningful posts is to determine your goals. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish?”. There are many different options depending on your business. If you are product driven, generating leads and converting them into sales is your main focus. If you are focusing on providing services, engagement and brand exposure is your aim. After defining your goal, you can begin "road mapping" or planning your content.


When thoughts are organized it is easier to see the big picture of your goals. I use a content calendar template for all my planning needs. I can change the specific details per platform and goal. There are options out there which you can find with a quick Google search or you can customize and create your own. Now that you have your goals and calendar, time to fill it up by keeping some key categories in mind.


Three key categories to remember when determining your post is, whether you want to:

·        Teach someone

·        Inspire someone

·        Share someone


The "Teach Someone" would be shareable knowledge like tips and tools for your niche. The "Inspire Someone" would be motivational quote graphics or memes that makes someone feel emotion. The "Share Someone", is influential people in your tribe or business that may pique interest within your target group. This approach makes the possibilities more manageable and creates an environment for consistency.


Consistency and posting frequency is critical in maintaining engagement for your audience and an increase in your analytics. If you are only posting once a week, the platform's algorithm will make sure that your followers do not get reached as often as 3-5 posts daily. By utilizing your calendar and software programs, you can schedule multiple posts of various media with ease. Every day you have scheduled at least three posts or more, they should include a mix of media. Integrating the content with quotes, memes, branded images shared blog articles, industry tutorials or live video will keep your social media fresh and interesting. Also to save time overall, apply the technique of batching similar media together during scheduling. For example, scheduling all YouTube videos to post at various times and days in one sitting, is more time efficient than going back and forth to different websites.


It takes time to create a strategy for your social media business accounts. Having processes in place for content creation will ultimately save you time later on as your business grows. Content planning will help to make a smooth transition from working alone to working with a team. In general, the implementation of processes will be beneficial since you are no longer living in organizational chaos. When it comes to social media marketing, you can relax in knowing that you have elevated your skills to better serve your audience.