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Coupled with our passion to walk with business owners in their entrepreneurial journey, Jasmine & Co’s main objective is to help you set up systems in place to run your business, taking care of the mundane tasks that you don’t have time to, let you focus on your genius zone, providing customized services that fit and suit your business model.

general administration

General Administration

Businesses need so much support in organization, scheduling, and general management. We lift this load off your shoulder with ease and ensure a clear working environment that allows you to focus on the tasks that demand your attention.

Main Tasks include;

Project Management

Calendar Management

Email/Client Management

Data Mining


Online Marketing and Advertising

One of the most effective ways to grow and expand the reach for new customers and income diversification is through online marketing and advertising.

We help you set up the following;

Lead Generation

Business Influence Extension through research of experts in your niche

Email List Growth and Marketing Campaigns

Website Creation

E-Mail Marketing

Set-up Autoresponders

Speaker Submission

Funnel Build

Website Revamp

Manage Blog


Social Media Management


Tech & Systems Setup

The technical bits of your business can be overwhelming and nerve racking to handle. As tech-experts, we take over all the tech stuff of your business needed for smooth operation.

We focus on the following;

Setting up lead generation systems

Setting up sales funnels

Creating and managing databases

Website maintenance and trouble shooting

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